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Web Design Cork

And that’s not all we do. Besides web design and web development services in Cork, we also create, manage and provide reporting for your businesses online marketing campaigns. Providing a full service to you for all online activities, be it selling, promoting, billing we have a custom solution for each individual company depending on your needs.

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As for quality, we supply unrivalled quality in our service, all code is 100% error-free guaranteed. We use cutting edge technologies so that your web site can degrade beautifully for older browsers, but that will also render perfectly on newer devices such as smartphones and Ipads/touchscreen tablets. We are very proud to operate from Ireland and provide this service to businesses national and international, large and small. We work equally well with small businesses needing local service, as we do with global businesses based in Ireland needing a very high level of reporting and data, perhaps even custom reports for different people within the organisation. Because we work with businesses of all sizes we understand the particular needs of each, from a freelancer to a multinational corporation we provide the same quality of web design to all of our clients.

Why do we love doing web design for our clients?

Web design when done by us, ranks businesses higher in search results, loads faster, is more usable for customers, and ultimately helps all businesses that hire us, to get more customers and clients via their web site, and also via their other Internet Marketing techniques. This is the reward for us. To help all sizes of business to realise the true potential of their businesses, and also to realise any budget can release a huge result when it comes to online efforts. When we see the success of the web site, and the success of the online campaign, we know it’s a good job done, and we are helping businesses all around Ireland to keep going, to be creative and inventive in their ideas, and to never forget the online potential that’s there which we can release. When our clients succeed we succeed.

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Random Web Design Testimonials

“Hilary is the most passionate, multi-talented web expert I know! She is totally committed to delivering the absolute best for her clients, and is a pleasure to work with and be around. Not only does Hilary deliver beautiful websites, they are also fully standards compliant, and use the most up-to-date technology. I would have no hesitation recommending Hilary and Proximo Web Design to anyone – and I often do!”

Lauren O'Donovan - Digital Strategist at Creative B'stro