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Flickr removes Google/Facebook login

I recently came across a very frustrating problem with a non-yahoo Flickr login account. The account was created using a Google login, Flickr have now decided to completely remove the ability to login via Google/Facebook, this means all users must now have a Yahoo login in order to access Flickr.

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Just copy and paste the code below into a new file at root level on the server called rewrite.script

Change the domain to your own and all non www will be forwarded to the correct URL, prevents duplicate content errors with Google!

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New Places for Business links in Google Plus Local Pages

This morning I noticed an update that I think happened this am or overnight, finally Google has upgraded the Irish version of Places for Business!

What does it mean for my business?

They now are linking together automatically Google Plus pages and Google Places listings with the new update. Any listings that are located in both places, a listing that diverged somehow into two seperate listings one for Places one for Google Plus will be contacted to say their Places listing has been deactivated.

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How does your web site rank after Penguin 2.0 update?

Oh what a time we SEO professionals have of it! The first bit of news is that the old Google Places listings are in the process of, and almost entirely for Ireland as of June 2013, being replaced by Google Plus Local listings.

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Responsive images Google Map fix

Just came across a problem with responsive image styling interfering with images output by Google Maps, with a very simple fix, in your css styling just add:

max-width: none;

And voila, fixed!

This will work for my pro_googlemapsv3 plugin too, just refer to ‘#pro_map_canvas img’ when adding the css.

Control your Google search results!

What is Google Plus?

Taken directly from Google Plus’s Google Plus page (phew!), “Real-life sharing, rethought for the web”.

Google Plus is linked directly with your Google enabled or gmail account. It operates in a similar way to other social networks, using ‘circles’ to add people or pages you wish to follow updates from, and ‘hangouts’ for video chats. There are ‘community’ circles where everyone interested in the same topic can chat and share content.

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Analytics Error for Live In-Page Data

I came across a problem recently whereby in-page analytics would simply not load in Firefox where it did load using Chrome.

My fix involved disabling a lot of add-ons initially, including deleting and removing the web developer toolbar, however this did not fix the problem, having re-installed the web developer toolbar, I then selected:

Disable > Disable Referrers

Which fixed the problem completely.. a very infuriating thing to locate though hope this helps someone!

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