Google vs Facebook: Online Advertising Campaigns, Which Works Better?

Lead generation via Facebook Adverts

Here at Proximo Web Design we create and maintain many Facebook Advert campaigns for our clients. With budgets ranging from 50 Euro to 1,000+ Euro we have been tracking the success of these campaigns and this medium of online advertising closely.

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New Places for Business links in Google Plus Local Pages

Google Places for Business Update Ireland

This morning I noticed an update that I think happened this am or overnight, finally Google has upgraded the Irish version of Places for Business!

What does it mean for my business?

They now are linking together automatically Google Plus pages and Google Places listings with the new update. Any listings that are located in both places, a listing that diverged somehow into two seperate listings one for Places one for Google Plus will be contacted to say their Places listing has been deactivated.

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How does your web site rank after Penguin 2.0 update?

Google Places 2013 - Google Plus Local and Google Plus SEO

Oh what a time we SEO professionals have of it! The first bit of news is that the old Google Places listings are in the process of, and almost entirely for Ireland as of June 2013, being replaced by Google Plus Local listings.

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Online Marketing and SEO

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing may seem to differ vastly from traditional marketing methods but on closer examination they work together in a number of ways.

Take an event for example, event management would very much fall into the ‘Traditional Marketing’ bracket, but now look at what can be incorporated into this event, a live Twitter stream, a specific hashtag for Twitter or Google plus, live image upload streams, people taking photos with their phones and uploading them to Facebook instantly, people writing blog posts on your event after it’s over which you start to rank for in Google/Bing searches. So I would really say Online Marketing is complementing traditional methods, and it doesn’t replace those.

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