zem_contact_reborn rework to be HTML5 compatible

Textpattern HTML5 web form with Modernizr fallback

Updates November 2013

Thanks to the very talented Stef Dawson the plugin now works as it should have with some great edits, it uses the existing zem_contact_text instead of the custom zem_contact_type, and supports tasty client side html5 validation before server side. Autocomplete now available and support for autofocus=autofocus. If you used the previous iteration just update the plugin and edit your zem_contact_type tag to read zem_contact_text instead. We removed dependency on zem_contact_lang so you can safely deactivate the sister plugin previously required.

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Cool responsive image hover effect no js

So the first thing is, and the generally accepted best practice, is to use a real image for your logo if you are using a graphical one. There are differing opinions on whether it’s best to wrap that with a h1 tag or just to leave it as an image, and insert a real text h1 elsewhere on the page using heading tags as heading tags without any css trickery.. for this method I’m wrapping a h1 tag around a real image, but you can equally just use the image alone.

HTML5 code (including Textpattern tags)

<h1 class="logo"> <a href="<txp:site_url />"> <img src="<txp:site_url />images/logo.png" alt="<txp:site_name />"/> <img src="<txp:site_url />images/logo_hover.png" alt="" class="onhover"/> </a> </h1>

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Random Web Design Testimonials

“I worked with Hilary for a time and during that period I found her to be extremely helpful and articulate. Her work was of highest standard and I was also able to observe how she interacted with her clients. While providing a top class service she maintained friendly and helpful services with them, listened to what they wanted and made appropriate suggestions. Hilary also assisted me with my work and provides services to the local community at large. I have no hesitation in recommending Hilary for any work.”

Andrea Harte - Undergraduate at University of Limerick

January 21, 2011, Andrea worked directly with Hilary at Proximo Web Design