Tech news update September '17

The main highlights!

  • Facebook has now introduced cover video, all profile photos for pages will now be circular, so make sure that square logo isn’t cutting off text at the corners, plenty of whitespace.
  • Flickr is now owned by Verizon after a $4.48B Yahoo Acqusition of Flickr and other assets, we can only hope this aquisition will give Flickr the boost it needs as a Terabyte of free image storage has great potential as a back-up service, especially when Flickr is so photographer friendly re.EXIF data and original size plus quality.
  • UBER in London is no more! It has lost it’s license but plans to appeal this decision and it might reverse it, in the meantime they will continue to operate as they do not need to cease right away so we shall see if the appeals process reverses that decision.
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