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Finding Ideal Clients Online in 2022 Workshop

For those of you who may have missed our January 2022 workshop, ‘Finding Ideal Clients Online in 2022’, we are delighted to provide this video for you to watch at your convenience!

Your speakers include Alexandra Pedro, Sadhbh Warren and myself, Hilary Quinn. We will give you the tools to take control of your digital marketing. We’ll take you through it, step by step: planning your marketing around your business goals; getting search engines on your side; and presenting your best face to new customers and the press.

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Stop Throwing Your Content Into a Void!

Let’s talk about how to create content for your website and social media without losing sight of your business’s big picture.

Alexandra has been helping arts and culture businesses reach their target audience since 2018. At Alexandra Pedro Marketing the creative and logical sides of the brain are combined to create brands that people trust, remember, and come back to.

There is no point in creating content if it is not serving a purpose, for both your audience and yourself. This seven-minute talk will introduce you to four essential tools to help you plan and implement website and social media content in a way that both serves your business goals and gives value to your audience!

  • Supporting your business goals with your marketing strategy
  • Promoting consistency within and across channels with your brand guidelines
  • Using your content calendar to create effective content
  • Ensuring best practices are followed when publishing your content

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Get more traffic to your business website.

Learn the first steps towards getting organic (non-paid) visits from Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

Hilary Quinn is a web designer that specialises in SEO. Having founded Proximo Web Design in 2007, Hilary has worked with small/medium sized businesses in Ireland to successfully grow their businesses, by strategically harnessing organic Google traffic to make sales and generate leads.

Every business is unique, but one thing is true for all businesses, you probably have not realised the amount of traffic you can get from Google, if you have not yet taken the first steps to search engine optimise (SEO) your website. Hilary will teach you the first steps to take and the right free tools to help.

  • Why does SEO matter?
  • How can I improve my website’s SEO?
  • What is the number 1 action I can take today?

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Creating Stories That Get Seen

Press coverage is a great way to boost your business – if you’re prepared. Here’s how to get the media interested and make the most of it.

Sadhbh Warren is a content writer and project manager at Content & Event. She helps SMEs and solopreneurs to polish their social media and websites, specialising in content strategy and ghostwriting.

Want to strengthen your brand and attract new audiences? Media coverage builds credibility and visibility, making you stand out from the pack. But how do you get in the papers and magazines, or onto the big websites, or become a trusted go-to person for radio and TV comment? Sadhbh takes you through the process of press packs and releases, and getting the media to come to you.

  • What do you need to do to be ready for attention?
  • How do you optimise your social media profiles?
  • How can you get the media interested and coming to you?

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This was a great format to have all the information you need to make an informed start to your online marketing efforts between branding, social media, SEO and getting press. In bite-sized bits, we hope we stopped that feeling of overwhelm and made these messages easy to understand and actionable. On that note, get the free downloadables and helpful links at the Linktree url below, and connect with us on LinkedIn via the links on that page also. Thank you for watching and reading!

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