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Flickr removes Google/Facebook login

I recently came across a very frustrating problem with a non-yahoo Flickr login account. The account was created using a Google login, Flickr have now decided to completely remove the ability to login via Google/Facebook, this means all users must now have a Yahoo login in order to access Flickr.

Without getting into the merits/demerits of Yahoos business strategy here, some people have paid for pro accounts or have set up customers with accounts that simply must remain on Flickr as their API is second to none. So moving or re-coding a web site is not an option for a simple inability to login. Flickr is meant to show a special page to every user logging in that ‘this is your final time logging in using this method, please create a Yahoo login now and in future you will access your Flickr account like this’. This page never appeared for me, and having found a solution to the problem I believe it effects the whole of Europe but not America.

Flickr got stuck in a loop when attempting to swap the Google login for a Yahoo one, I tried many different browsers and settings nothing worked, completely locked out of the account and unable to login.

As a last ditch attempt, I tried using the Puffin browser on my Ipad, to my total surprise I suddenly saw this page that didn’t work anywhere else telling me I needed to create a Yahoo login and allowing me to both login to Flickr and have my new Yahoo login for future use. Now it all works as it should. Puffin routes all requests through a US proxy, all I can think of on the Flickr side is that something isn’t working in Europe as it should be, because using the US proxy worked perfectly.

A strange fix I know but I hope this helps someone else as it was literally the only thing that worked for me!

Is Flickr on it’s last legs?

This post here with screenshots describes perfectly the kind of issues people are having with this rollback on Google/FB logins:

Although my problem behaved differently it was more like an endless login loop which logged me into Yahoo but never Flickr as the Flickr Blue Screen of Death didn’t show up for me at all, once it did my problem resolved itself, but it’s strange every person that has issues with this shows different behaviour in the bugs they experience, meaning the process is absolutely riddled with them. Honestly someone at some point should have just re-instated the Facebook/Google logins for damage limitation, what’s the point of removing them and losing users? Use a carrot approach, give people free pro membership if they switch to a Yahoo login or something.. this was just a disaster I can’t see how Flickr can recover from it, losing users en mass and no damage limitation.. strange!

Flickr Help Forum – Thread

Flickr’s thread to help users making the switch is at

The thread was last replied to by a staff member 2 months ago, the original creator of the thread is no longer with Flickr, and there are three more pages of users needing support with no replies at all from staff, so I think that thread is unmoderated by Flickr at the moment, it might be a better bet to email direct although people are reporting having to send numerous emails before getting a reply and perhaps more again to get the correct solution for their login issues.

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