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Today I would like to share how we at Proximo Web Design manage our email accounts, and browse the web safely and speedily!

Safer Web Browsing = Firefox

Here is what I would consider to be, the best web browser available today, Firefox. Here are just some features of Firefox that make it the best, as taken from their web site, and don’t forget, it’s a FREE download and you can get it from here!

Top Features

  • Private Browsing
  • Password Manager
  • Awesome Bar – Find the sites you love in seconds.
  • Super Speed
  • Anti-Phishing & Anti-Malware
  • Session Restore
  • One-Click Bookmarking
  • Easy Customization
  • Tabs
  • Personas

If you choose to download Firefox, you are presented with an option while installing the software, to import your bookmarks, history etc, from your previous browser (eg. Internet Explorer), then set it as your default browser so that anytime you click a link on a page, it will be the browser used.

If you do need to use Internet Explorer, or any other browser installed on your machine, the program is still there, and you can run/open it the same as usual anytime from your program list!

Download Firefox – FREE!

Best E-mail Client for your Webmail = Thunderbird

The next product we use, that I would like to recommend, is also made by Mozilla (Same makers as Firefox browser), and is an email client called Thunderbird, available as a free download here!


As our customers using web-mail will know, when you purchase your web site from us, we will set you up with a web based email system based on your domain name ( However, it is not always practical to use a web page to view/reply to emails sent and received. Many people use email clients such as Outlook, or Outlook Express to access their email accounts instead, and this can offer a better interface to sort through mail.

Having used both systems for email accounts, we feel Thunderbird is far superior, and includes more functionality with a friendlier interface, than the Microsoft equivalent.

Top Features

  • Tabs and Search
  • Message Archive – Selecting the Archive button or hitting the ‘A’ key will archive your email.
  • Customize Your Email Experience
  • Easier to Get Started
  • Attachment Reminder
  • Activity Manager
  • Secure and Protect Your Mail
  • Cutting Out the Junk
  • Automated Update

Download Thunderbird – FREE!

Don’t forget, if you are a client of ours, just contact us for support if you have any problems setting up your email account with this client, thanks for reading!

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