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We provide content management systems (CMS’s) to all of our customers. This means all content on each web site is contained inside a database, and the customer has a user-friendly interface to add, edit and delete content.

Adding fresh content to your web site is so important for search engines. They send robots to visit your web site in order to classify it’s importance, and ranking in it’s search engine (Yahoo, Google etc). If they visit your web site many times and see no fresh content, you will get classified downwards, and you will start to fall further and further behind the competition in your search engine ranking, which means anyone searching for your product/service will find it almost impossible to find you.

It’s all well and good to keep adding fresh content to your web site, but what about the code your web designer is using to serve that content. Even if you are in the first three results on the first page of search engine results, what good is it if your page takes so long to load that the customer goes back to Google, or another search engine, and clicks on another link that loads faster! This is only one of many problems you can encounter if you do not use a proficient web designer that upgrades frequently.

By choosing a web designer, or a web design company, that includes CMS upgrades as part of their service, you are increasing security, decreasing load times, and generally providing a better browsing experience for your customers, along with having access to newer features for your own benefit. Of course at Proximo Web Design we provide CMS upgrades to all of our customers, but no matter who you choose for your web design project, here are some good questions to ask them.

  • Do you provide CMS upgrades?
  • Is there an extra cost?
  • How frequently will you upgrade the CMS for us?
  • How can we verify that you did in fact upgrade the CMS?

An added benefit for us to teach clients how to hire a web designer, is that it will expose web design fraudsters very quickly. This is why it is so important for the customer to be better educated when hiring a web designer, to be able to verify the truth of the promises made, and hire based on the ACTUAL value of the web design package offered, rather than hire based on empty promises and get no value at all from your web site in the end.

As with any industry, fraudsters/cowboys can destroy customer faith in web design as a whole because of their bad experience, and we will be publishing many articles here at Proximo Web Design that aim to educate any customer looking for a web site, and to help them differentiate between the trustworthy and non-trustworthy web design quotes/contractors/companies!

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Random Web Design Testimonials

“I worked with Hilary for a time and during that period I found her to be extremely helpful and articulate. Her work was of highest standard and I was also able to observe how she interacted with her clients. While providing a top class service she maintained friendly and helpful services with them, listened to what they wanted and made appropriate suggestions. Hilary also assisted me with my work and provides services to the local community at large. I have no hesitation in recommending Hilary for any work.”

Andrea Harte - Undergraduate at University of Limerick