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Cheap, Accessible, Programmable Computers

Well, for those of us lucky enough to have a model B Raspberry Pi, available within Ireland from Farnell.

Raspberry Pi Case

I used this free print out, link via RPi web site my finest and heaviest card, at least I am quite arts and crafty and had made a kindle holder out of a book, so I had great heavy black card waiting to be used. The audio jack was just a few mm out but all other ports fit perfectly, and it’s possible to just make the hole a little bigger for the audio port, of course this might not be the measurements but my poor folding skills as it really was only the tiniest fraction out, but I love the finished product because I made it! ;)

Hm, Raspberry Pi mouse, keyboard, SD card?

There was a spare mouse and keyboard at home. Being a techie person I always have a bag full of cables so located a HDMI cable in there. I know some people might have to fork out. You can avoid needing a second keyboard and mouse if you just use the SSH into the RPi with your existing set up so any additional cost is kind of for your own comfort and needs. I had an SD card inside an old compact camera I really don’t use anymore, so nabbed that and went off to install Raspbien on it.

rpi 2

Power Supply

I had a spare apple charger and micro-usb cable at home, I know anyone with a mobile phone that uses micro-usb will have a spare charger hopefully. Again being a photographer and techie person I have gazillions of USB plugs, don’t shell out money needlessly though, don’t be afraid to post on Facebook or ask friends what they have spare at home!

Run video/flash on Raspberry Pi

Just open up your terminal and insert these commands:

sudo apt-get install gnash

sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-gnash

Install Chromium Web Browser on Raspberry Pi

Just open up your terminal and insert this command:

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

What to do with a Raspberry Pi?

I’m trying out a few different uses for mine, as I don’t want to use it as a media center exactly, maybe something that would manage back-ups, I like the SSL feature so will have to see what I settle down with.

Setting up Firefox OS on Raspberry Pi Raspbien

The only web site I found anywhere on the Internet with the answer is here at

Perfect instructions, worked straight away, even if the result was a tad disappointing after all this is an OS made for a touchscreen and it does run quite slow, but still an interesting experiment!

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