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Online Marketing and SEO

Internet marketing may seem to differ vastly from traditional marketing methods but on closer examination they work together in a number of ways.

Take an event for example, event management would very much fall into the ‘Traditional Marketing’ bracket, but now look at what can be incorporated into this event, a live Twitter stream, a specific hashtag for Twitter or Google plus, live image upload streams, people taking photos with their phones and uploading them to Facebook instantly, people writing blog posts on your event after it’s over which you start to rank for in Google/Bing searches. So I would really say Online Marketing is complementing traditional methods, and it doesn’t replace those.

You must still be a real business and a real person, and you are selling something with real value to people that they are already seeking out. Having an online presence is simply helping people to find you, it’s up to you to have a viable, good-quality business once they arrive!

Website SEO Ranking

Any Online Marketing must start at your web site, NOT externally on social media sites. Your web site is the hub, and everything else revolves around it. And here is where it comes back to being a real person in a real company, if your web site does have a blog that is contributed to by either one person or multiple people, put their details with each post instead of always posting as ‘My Company’. Staff pages are great, people want to do business with people. Let them know who you are and what your about, be proud of yourself and your staff! Your web site should be search engine optimised in terms of having clean code and good content, meta tags ARE still important, especially meta description which contrary to popular belief is still a big factor for Google/Bing in how to rank you for keywords. Publish well and publish frequently, you will see yourself starting to come up on the first 3 pages of Google/Bing for certain searches.

Social Media for Business

Once your web site is ranked well, modern, always updated, now it’s time to incorporate some social media web sites and methods into your overall Internet Marketing campaign. Facebook offers ‘fan pages’, Twitter allows any business to set up a business Twitter account*, and Google Plus also offers business pages. Whatever your angle, make sure you are speaking to the group of people you are interested in, ie. your target market. This is much easier to do via social media, running adverts on Facebook you can even specifically target people that have added ‘my interest’ to their profile, link this to your business and online marketing efforts. There is a lot of ‘leakage’ using traditional methods like radio/tv/newspaper in terms of getting your exact target market, with online marketing you are able to whittle this right down and only get the people expressing an interest in your product/service.

*Note at this time only one admin is allowed per account, so you will share a common password with anyone else posting to the account, this is why some businesses have opted to use a hashtag only and post to the hashtag via multiple accounts, so research what is best for your company

Email Marketing

I feel like people do forget about this great way of targeting people directly. I do understand social media posts are so much more immediate, you’re not invading someone’s email address etc, but you must remember people get ‘social media fatigue’, by the time they login maybe that special offer isn’t running. Using a subscription list that people have expressly signed up to to receive your email is a foolproof way of reaching that person. It’s a great way of targeting specific people, so instead of posting on your web site or via social media, maybe you only want to give your existing core of customers access to a special offer if they make a repeat purchase. Or give them a custom designed Christmas greeting, email marketing is alive and well, and gives great results when keeping in touch with people that are customers, you’re reminding them that you’re still there, and still providing that product/service, so your fresh in their mind if you incorporate some email marketing.

When Online Campaigns go Viral

Well this is an online marketers dream isn’t it! ;)

And it does happen, I’ll post a few viral videos below, and again we’re talking about traditional meets online marketing for some of these, the Old Spice one started life as a TV advert but the virality of the campaign has made it legendary.. I daresay they sold a few extra bottles of Old Spice on the back of it!

Old Spice Viral

Levis Viral

Returning back to my original point, Online Marketing complements anyone’s overall campaign perfectly. You will see now on tv adverts, go to our Facebook page for more information, go to our web site to sign up. But as an entity on it’s own it’s also 100% able to push your company through when you look at the figures for Google searches (Or Bing/other search engines!), you can check keywords relating to your trade and how many monthly searches are performed for it using the Google keywording tool, why not grab a slice of that pie? ;)

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